Sputnik online Business Services is a leading internet e-commerce and e-business solutions company.

Internet technology offers many commercially powerful business benefits and SOBS has the skills and experience that will allow you to harness that power and open up all new shopping experience. Over the next few years, an increasing amount of business will be conducted on-line. This is especially true in India where eprocurement is likely to become the means by which purchases will be made from suppliers. Getting on-line is only the beginning and we provide internet marketing tools and advice that will maximize your e-commerce and on-line purchase.

Our E-Commerce products are famous among businesses in India for the amount of inventory interms of goods, information and functionality they contain. Each is not just an on-line shop, but an optimizer in catering your needs.

SOBS is committed to helping you meet the growing E-commerce challenge by providing the technology you need to stay "ahead of the game". Preparing now for the years ahead, keeping pace with new developments such as eprocurement is survival

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