SOBS builds and operates e-commerce products to help customers needs with multichannel strategies and objectives. Also lading retailers and brands can grow their businesses faster and more profitably by partnering with SOBS than they can on their own.

SOBS's capability to improve our partners businesses and enrich the overall customer experience is constantly expanding through internal efforts, the power of the innovation network of industry-leading partners, and SOBS approach to adopting open-market innovations. This partner-centric and results-focused approach to building scale and adding new capabilities has allowed SOBS to stay at the forefront of e-commerce to support its partners' emerging business needs.

SOBS goes beyond traditional e-commerce business through a combination of its Core Technology, Innovative Ideas and Wide newt work. Our integrated e-commerce products consists of e-commerce technologies, services and processes for supporting multichannel shoppers; operational services to support end-to-end order and customer management; and specialized services needed to deliver each partner's specific business objectives.

SOBS's partners take advantage of extensive functionality and highly differentiated capabilities of SOBS products to deliver a quality customer experience.

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